☼ eHID  technology produces the highest lumen/light per Watt output ratio in the market
☼ eHID  technology operates with guaranteed Long Life lamps of 30,000 – 70,000+ hours
☼ eHID  technology sustains 90% or more of your light levels for the entire life of the lamp
☼ eHID  technology dimming controls increases savings by addition 10-30%+
eHID  technology maintains light distribution, no need for re-engineering, Eco-friendly
eHID  technology produces ultra-brilliant lighting for the ultimate lighting experience  
eHID  technology is the best choice for energy savings in long lighting distances
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inteleLight intelligent Eco-Friendly
Energy Efficient Street lighting eHID
Energy Efficient - Eco-Friendly
Intelligent Lighting with option
Video and Wi-Fi
Electronic High Intensity Drivers Increases Lumens
While Reducing Energy Costs and CO
2 Emissions!
Just as the automotive industry went from points and coil to modern electronic ignitions for greater
efficiency our Digital Electronic Technology High Intensity Drivers (
eHID) is the next evolution in
high performance lighting.

eHID technology is similar to LED in energy efficiencies without sacrificing light loss or
performance of more expensive and unproven LED lighting.
eHID technology saves you
30% to 75% in energy and operating costs annually over old traditional ballasts; plus:
High Energy Efficiency, Long Term Performance, Low Waste and a Low Buying Cost = Your Best Lighting Value
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With lower initial capital costs (nearly ½ of LED) while dramatically reducing re-lamping and maintenance costs provides you an intelligent
choice and faster ROI (Return On Investment).
Lighting represents 30% to 50% of energy use by municipalities and businesses that utilize HID lights found on Sporting Fields, Roadways,
Airports and in Portable applications. Typically HID range from 50W to 2000W in the lighted area. Higher lighting applications like High
Mast Lighting provides the best opportunity to improve efficiency, while increasing quality and safety, in their facilities.  Lighting energy can
be reduced by 50% to 80% by installing more efficient eHID Drivers and lamps, improved lighting controls and where paybacks for lighting
projects are usually much greater.

Join the ranks of successful Eco-benefits businesses using our DELTA HID technology including:
Richmond Oval Sports Arena, TRW, Toronto Airport, Niagara Falls, Port Elizabeth in South Africa and many more,
who are already realizing the benefits of eHID technology powering their lighting fixtures.

You can start savings on energy costs immediately while becoming an Eco-Friendly leader in your community today!
Energy Saving Solution
inteleLight Electronic Drivers Saves You Up To 75%+ In Energy
Our New DELTA Drivers Save 30% or more
with fluorescent lighting
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