inteleLight intelligent Eco-Friendly
Energy Efficient Street lighting eHID
EcoSmart - Electronic High Ignition Drivers (eHID)
Advanced Micro-processor Lighting Technology

inteleLight's Electronic Ignition Driver Lighting Technology is proven in installations across the World;
's custom manufactured electronic Ignition Driver technologies represent the market’s most
innovative and environmentally responsible lighting solutions today. Based on the proven and robust High-
Intensity Driver (HID) lamp, the
Electronic High Ignition Driver Technology is its next generation master.
HID light bulbs directed by the
inteleLight's EcoSmart Electronic High Ignition Driver Technology suffer
no visible light degradation over time and last much longer;
Electronic High Ignition Driver Technology
completely reduces wear and tear, i.e. Premature lamp gas degradation and tube darkening. Electronic High
Ignition Driver Lighting Technology
offers unmatched energy efficiency and represents the most cost-
effective, highest performing, longest lasting solution for World Industry’s best return on lighting investment.

At the heart of
inteleLight 's technology is the Electronic High Ignition Driver Technology (eHIDI) micro-
processor. This ‘computer’ and its embedded algorithms provide HID bulbs the exact Voltage required for both
controlled ignition and controlled operation of the bulb over its entire lifetime. The eHID micro-processor allows
gases in the High-Pressure Sodium (HPS), Metal Halide (MH) or Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) bulb to be
in a most controlled state; i.e. Gases are no longer involuntarily burned or consumed due to erratic
uncontrolled Voltage strikes. In addition to drastically improving the performance and life of the HID bulb, the
eHID micro-processor guarantees quick HID lamp start times (ignites quickly and is at 100% power in 60
seconds); instant dimming (in stages or seamless); and quick hot re-strike times (2-3 minutes).

When operating a HID bulb with a core and coil (magnetic) ballast or less efficient electronic based ballast; both
of those systems offer a lower command of the Voltage being delivered to the bulb in both the ignition and the
operation stage. The end result is the HID bulb suffers degradation rapidly (bulb dims prematurely after few
of operation). Many users have experienced the inherent flaws of HID bulbs powered by traditional ballast
systems, including delayed lamp ignition and re-strike times and the degradation of the light quality by 20% to
30% in only
the first 6 months of operation.

As a result of these inefficiencies, the magnetic powered HID lamp continues to lose gas and therefore requires
re-lamping or replacement sooner. With magnetic powered HID lamps degrading so quickly, failures can be
considered in as little as 6 months since the light being output no longer meets the original specification, making
re-lamping mandatory and unfortunately wasteful. With Electronic High Ignition Driver Technology bulbs now
lasting 50,000 hours or more, costly re-lamping is no longer required since originally specified lumen levels will
never decrease; meaning lamp changes are truly at the end of the lamp’s lifespan.
Lighting Industry Best

With a constant monitor of information between the lamp and the Electronic High Ignition Driver Technology, inteleLight's Electronic High Ignition Driver (eHID)
enables the proven HID bulb to now operate to its true potential. With eHID technology, inteleLight Electronic High Ignition Driver Technology
provide many benefits to end-users including these lighting industry firsts:

Lighting Project Viability

inteleLight's Electronic High Ignition Driver Lighting Technology solutions represent the most environmentally responsible, cost-effective, value-added lighting
products for Industry today.

- The retrofit upgrade of an existing inefficient HID bulb based system is the most Green solution on the market. inteleLight Engineers recommend to replace the ballast
and bulb of the existing system of a set Wattage with the inteleLight Electronic High Ignition Driver Technology of half the Wattage for an immediate 40%-50% or more
savings in energy consumption and cost. For example, in a High Bay Retail Store setting which has existing HID fixtures with magnetic ballast powered 400W MH bulbs,
an inteleLight 200W Electronic High Ignition Driver Technology would be used. Since the magnetic 400W loses 15% to 25% to heat and the inteleLight Electronic High
Ignition Driver Technology has only 3%, over 50% savings in electricity is instantly possible.

- To retrofit means to re-use parts of the existing fixture which is both environmentally and economically responsible. For new energy efficient street lighting or High-Bay
Green building projects, inteleLight's EcoSmart eHID Series are available as turn-key packages. They feature various Voltage and Wattage configurations and offer the
end-user a most cost-effective, high performing lighting solution for all new lighting applications requiring long and sustained light output or penetration.

Light Delivery Performance

Compared to LED, fluorescent and induction based products, for applications requiring long and lasting light penetration, inteleLight's EcoSmart Electronic High
Ignition Driver
is your first choice.

inteleLight's Electronic High Ignition Drivers operate at 118lm/W+ luminous efficacy. Virtually all electrical energy input into the system is output as lumens. With
high-efficiency lumen delivery,
Electronic High Ignition Driver Technology is the only technology capable of delivering lumens consistently over very long distances
and periods of time without suffering visible degradation in light quality.

Multiple Dimming Modes

inteleLight's EcoSmart Drivers offer new and creative methods to save additional energy and reduce costs with dimming. Savings up to and beyond 75%.

- inteleLight's EcoSmart Electronic High Ignition Driver Technology are available in Basic (no dimming) and Dim Function capable models. Dim Function models feature
a input port which allows for easy plug and play operation of the
inteleLight's Motion Sensor, or Pre-Programmed Device (PPD: used with Automatic Dimming function).

inteleLight's Electronic High Ignition Driver Technology can also be supplied with discrete or Analog inputs. The dimming functions are enabled via wired motion
sensor (discrete signal input dims the lamp to 50% of full rated ballast Wattage instantly in one step); via wired Analog input of
0VDC to 10VDC (energizing Analog input
2.5VDC to 10VDC correlates to a Driver Wattage output of 50% to 100% of rated Driver Wattage). Dimming with Analog input is instant and seamless, it is ideal for
applications which use Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) to control building functions; the same PLC’s can be used to direct/schedule the operation/dimming of the
lighting network for maximized energy savings.

Automatic Dimming or pre-programmed schedule dimming offers a simple and cost effective means to dramatically reduce energy consumption and increase HID lamp
life expectancy. Based on a customer specified dimming schedule, the Automatic Dim function capable Driver operate independently; when powered on (via photo sensor
or switch for example), the Driver automatically runs its program for the day, entering its dim mode only after a specified elapsed amount of time from the Driver ‘on’ or
start time. For example, choosing a 5 or 6 hours delay time means the ballast will enter its dim mode at midnight approximately (i.e. if the ballast on time is at 6pm or 7pm
that evening). The program is simple, and allows for the selection of 0% to 70% dimming (100% to 30% output of full Driver Wattage). By dimming after hours, when less
human and vehicle traffic is present, energy and money savings can be maximized; even in a dimmed state, Electronic High Ignition Driver Technology lighting delivers
sufficient lighting to the target as to not compromise safety or security in the area.

Multiple Bulb Capability

inteleLight offers true HPS, MH and CMH combination eHID Divers.

inteleLight Electronic High Ignition Driver Technology as a standard can operate either HPS, MH, CMH with equal and optimal efficiency.

Our DELTA Series Drivers are now available for Fluorescent Lighting offering 30% Energy Saving or More!

- Reduces inventory costs for Municipalities as one ballast solves all HPS and MH bulb lighting applications, retrofitting magnetic 50W to 2000W.

- Benefits the Greenhouse and Hydroponics industry since one Driver solves all grow lighting needs.

Application Flexibility

With multiple Voltage and Wattage options, one ballast replacement source solves all industry lighting applications requiring long and sustained light

- inteleLight Drivers are available in 120V to 347V configurations and 35W to 1000W power ratings (replacing 50W to 2000W magnetic).

- The inteleLight ballast operates many popular brand name HID bulb types in the varied Wattages with 97% efficiency and a Power Factor of >98%.

Standard Robust Enclosures

All inteleLight Electronic High Ignition Driver Technology are fully silicon potted, sealed from the environment.

- Designed to withstand winter cold, summer heat, and harsh facility/manufacturing environment applications.

- Delicate PCB circuitry is encapsulated by silicon to eliminate the effects of corrosion.

- Fully-sealed weather proof eHID Driver enclosures are available for outdoor installations.

Cost of Ownership Performance

inteleLight's Digital Electronic Lighting Technology Applications (DELTA) are truly free, in the sense that the energy cost saved will return on your investmentin
as little as 6 months.

- Digital Ignition Technology: is the first lighting product for Industry to offer the perfect balance of high energy efficiency, long and lasting light quality, with
very little maintenance and consumable costs incurred over the long term. Costly re-lamping is no longer required since originally specified lumen levels will
never visibly decrease; meaning lamp changes are truly at the end of the lamp’s lifespan.

- inteleLight DELTA powered HID bulbs now last a true 40,000 hours to 70,000 hours or more without suffering much less than a 10% degradation in light quality
(i.e. 90%+ in lumen maintenance over the lifetime of the bulb). Operating a HPS or MH bulb 24 hours a day and 365 days a year equates to 8,760 hours per year.
the bulb lasting 70,000 hours, approximately 8 years while with inexpensive bulb changes are between every 2-6 years. For 12 hour operations, 4,380 hours per
year, such as in street lighting, the municipality need only return to the street lamp to maintain the bulb once every 15 years or more.

- inteleLight Motion Sensor or Automatic Dimming (pre-programmed schedule) further reduces energy consumption, and further extends
lamp life; significantly reducing maintenance and bulb consumable costs over the long term (relamping is no longer required since originally specified lighting
levels will always remain constant). The inteleLight solution offers you the lowest cost of ownership over the long term without compromising lighting levels.

What Makes inteleLight the Right Solution for You?

High-Intensity Discharge lamp technology is proven, it was first demonstrated in the 1700’s and to this day continually evolves. It is the only lighting source
existing on the market today which can meet the energy efficiency and long distance lighting demands of World Industry. Compared with LED, fluorescent and
induction lighting, HID lamps powered by inteleLight's Digital Electronic Lighting Technology Applications (DELTA) has a dramatically higher luminous efficacy,
which is the efficiency of electricity converted to lumen output delivered at the floor or ground.

inteleLight's eHID Lighting Technology offers your project the most value added solution. inteleLight helps you Go Green and win with the lowest buying
cost, the highest light quality performance and minimal consumable and maintenance costs.

inteleLight's Digital Electronic Lighting Technology Applications (DELTA) products are the only driver to offer you many creative ways to dim and save even
more money over the long term. inteleLight's DELTA Driver Technology is the first lighting technology to offer the value of environmental responsibility and
long term cost-effectiveness for the Industry’s shortest and most realistic return on lighting investment.
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High Energy Efficiency, Long Term Performance, Low Waste and a Low Buying Cost = Your Best Lighting Value
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inteleLight intelligent Eco-Friendly
Energy Efficient Street lighting eHID
Energy Efficient - Eco-Friendly
Intelligent Lighting Overview
EcoSmart eHID Technology Advantages

 Electronic High Ignition Driver Technology (eHID) micro-processor control algorithms optimize the  
balance of current with lamp gases.
 eHID Micro-processor based system performs at 97% efficiency delivering the highest lumen output per
Watt in the market today (118lm/W+).
 Industry leading technology produces more penetrating and longer lasting light than core and coil (magnetic)
ballasts for significantly less energy consumed.
 The high efficiency of the eHID Driver Technology allows Watts input to be most efficiently converted to
Watts output as lumens with only 3%-5% losses to heat.
 System efficiency virtually eliminates electrical losses and corresponding ambient heat. The inteleLight
Electronic High Ignition Driver Technology power factor is >98%.
 eHID minimizes lamp wear and prolongs the life of the lamp by at least 1.5 times, dynamically maintaining the
optimal operating Voltage and frequency of the lamp.
 Instant dimming, full power resumption is managed by the micro-processor via motion sensor or PLC Analog
0-10VDC input; or pre-programmed and RF based options.
 HID lamps operated with the inteleLight EcoSmart Driver will not visibly degrade over their entire lifetime; i.e.
95% lumen maintenance - no relamping is required, lamp is only changed at its life end of 40,000 hours
(MH), or 72,000+ hours (HPS) and beyond (especially when instant dimming is utilized).
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