October 2012

inteleLight is first to market with 480V rated high Wattage 575W, 600W, 750W and 1000W eHID drivers. eHID
retrofit solutions set the standard for the upgrade of high lumens/high Wattage lighting applications requiring
Industrial 480V (U.S.) drivers (347V available for Canada).

Matched with today's leading Long Life High-Intensity Discharge (HID) Lamps you can expect in excess of
40,000 hours lamp life for Pulse Start Metal Halide (PSMH) applications, and 80,000 hours lamp life for High-
Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamp applications. Upgrade/retrofit low efficiency high Wattage (replace 750W to
2000W magnetic) drivers and lamps, with high efficiency low Wattage eHID 575W, 600W, 750W and 1000W
solutions, yielding 50% energy savings, increased light performance, and Industry's lowest cost of ownership

September 2012

Eccointel Brazil and inteleLight Partner to Deliver Electronic High Intensity Drivers (eHID) Technology over
LED based on Light Performance, Longevity and Price. Sao Paulo, Brazil, September 11th, 2012: Eccointel,
Brazil's leading independent supplier of commercial and industrial lighting fixtures has partnered with inteleLight
to deliver a broad line of energy efficient lighting products. This line of fixtures is the first available in South
America to incorporate electronic high-intensity driver (eHID) technology which reduces energy use by up to
50% without compromising overall performance, and while extending lamp life. inteleLight is the World's leading
manufacturer of electronic/digital drivers for high-intensity discharge lamps including pulse-start metal halide
(PSMH), ceramic metal halide (CHM) and high pressure sodium (HPS) lamps, those used extensively in exterior
and interior commercial and industrial applications.  Brazil's anticipated increase in tourism with the 2014 World
Cup and 2016 Olympics has chosen Eccointel to revamp the their older antiquated lighting systems in and
around the countries most visited areas.

May 2012

Manufacturing Today magazine highlights how Industry Leaders can be more competitive by drastically
reducing the expenses associated with facility Indoor and Outdoor Lighting; this can be done most cost-
effectively, and without compromising light performance. eHID is "Industry’s Most Green Lighting Upgrade
Solution", please see our latest article here: http://www.nxtbook.com/nxtbooks/phoenix/mt_2012summer/#/42

Manufacturing Today is an industrial magazine for leading manufacturers, with a focus on ‘best practices’.
To view the full Summer 2012 issue,
http://www.nxtbook.com/nxtbooks/phoenix/mt_2012summer/January 2011

inteleLight is proud to announce the collaboration of its Digital eHID (eHID) driver technology with the World’s
most advanced High-Intensity Discharge (HID) Long Life Lamps. Ultra long life lamps nearly eliminate the long
term costs associated with the operation of eHID lighting systems.

October 2011

inteleLight EcoSmart Digital (eHID) lighting retrofit drivers and fixtures with Dim Function capabilities are a very
smart way to reduce Industry lighting energy consumption and associated electricity costs. The benefits of eHID
lighting today are environmentally and economically favorable. Upgrading any existing core and coil (magnetic)
ballast powered HID lamp system with eHID immediately saves 40%-50% in energy consumption. By instantly
dimming an additional 50%-70% of incoming power, total savings over your existing installation can exceed

The application flexibility offered by EcoSmart eHID lighting from inteleLight creates many different ways for you
to reduce your lighting costs. The upgrade is simple and the return on investment is excellent. With local Power
Utilities and Government entities offering substantial rebates on the retrofit or new installation of eHID drivers
and fixtures today, your project is paid off in 6-12 months and with very minimal expenses incurred over the
entire lifetime of the system.

June 2010

Introducing the new EcoSmart Series Digital eHID drivers from inteleLight, the only in the World to offer many
innovative cost-saving features including Multiple Bulb Capability; now one ballast can operate either HPS or
MH bulbs with equal efficiency for reduced inventory and choice (municipality applications) and for functionality
(greenhouse/hydroponics industry). The eHID ballast operates at 97% efficiency and therefore coverts virtually
all input power into lumen output (118lm/W luminous efficacy). With no heat produced, end-users equally
benefit with reduced Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning electricity expenses which is ideally suited to
the refrigeration/cold storage industry and greenhouse/hydroponics industry.

The new EcoSmart Series operates High-Pressure Sodium (HPS), Metal Halide (MH), and Ceramic Metal Halide
(CMH) High-Intensity Discharge (HID) light bulbs. Applications include retrofit upgrade and new Green lighting
projects for street lighting, parking lot, factory/warehouse, retail, airport, sports field/stadium,
greenhouse/hydroponics, aquarium, and solar/wind renewable energy lighting.

inteleLight Direct Digital Ignition (DDI) micro-processor technology allows for the optimal operation of the HID
bulb in two stages; it controls the ignition process, providing a precise soft-strike of Voltage to ignite the bulb
to 100% power in 60 seconds (as opposed to 10-15 minutes with traditional magnetic HID systems); it controls
and monitors (in a closed loop) the operation of the bulb after it is ignited, ensuring the most efficient
consumption of bulb gases. DDI extends the life of the bulb by 100%, and guarantees the light brightness
and lumen penetration/throw output will never degrade more than 5% over the entire life of the HID bulb (95%
lumen maintenance). With HID bulbs now lasting 50,000 hours or more, costly relamping is no longer required
since originally specified lumen levels will never decrease; meaning lamp changes are truly at the end of the
lamp‘s lifespan.

Fully silicon potted for manufacturing and outdoor/wet environments, the EcoSmart Series represents the most
robust digital ballast solution on the market today. The EcoSmart Series is available in 70W, 100W, 150W,
200W, 250W, 575W, 600W, 750W, and 1000W configurations for HID upgrade/retrofit applications. The
EcoSmart Series is available in 120V, 208V, 240V, 277V and 347V Voltages and meets CSA (Canadian and
US) and CE (European) electrical certification standards.

In a retrofit application, typically we recommend the substitution of an inefficient magnetic ballast with a eHID
ballast which is half of the power rating (for example, a 400W MH bulb system would be substituted with a
200W eHID ballast operating a 250W bulb). Alternatively, inteleLight offers EcoSmart Series Digital eHID
ballast powered cobra head street lighting fixtures for new/replacement street, highway and parking lot
upgrade applications and eHID powered High Bay fixtures for factory/warehouse, retail, and public space

This simple and immediate cost-effective upgrade yields 50%+ electricity money savings. Introduce dimming
and costs can be further reduced an additional 50% (utilizing a motion/heat sensor – ideal for parking lot
applications, warehouses, stadiums, etc.). Dimming by sensor is one-step and by default, when triggered, dims
to 50% of incoming power. For example: The eHID 200W would ignite to 200W from the 100W setting instantly
when triggered by sensor. After a preset time of no motion, the eHID light will then dim back instantly to its
100W state.

inteleLight EcoSmart Series Digital eHID drivers offer unparalleled electrical efficiency and performance
compared to conventional core and coil (magnetic) drivers. eHID offers the most cost-effective, value-added
alternative to LED, fluorescent and induction based technologies for new and retrofit industrial and commercial
Green lighting projects. The perfect balance of initial buying cost, energy efficiency, light performance and low
maintenance consumable costs over the long term for the most realistic and environmentally responsible short
term return on investment (ROI).

January 2010

inteleLight launches a new 250W ‘compact’ digital ballast design with multiple HID bulb (MH, HPS) capability for
the retrofit market and for lighting fixture and luminaire manufacturers. The new 250W compact digital ballast
features the same core technology as our previously released EcoSmart digital drivers, but given its compact
size, it is ideally suited for a wide range of retrofit applications including the most cost effective replacement of
400W core and coil (magnetic) drivers. The high frequency 250W Digital eHID ballast is equipped with a
selector switch to adjust for two Wattage settings (200W or 250W) and can operate in Voltage ranges of 110 -

September 2009

inteleLight introduces the Industry leading 600 Joules Surge Protector for street lighting applications. This
exciting new product provides ultimate surge protection for drivers in the event of severe voltage fluctuations
caused by electrical storms. The built in micro-processor regulates electrical spikes that could impact the
ballast's embedded electronics and micro-processor. In extreme circumstances the system will cut the power
off to the drivers to prevent overheating. The ballast will automatically re-strike the lamp as soon as favorable
temperature conditions exist inside the ballast, approximately 5-20 minutes after the power is shut off; hot re-
strike time is 2.5 – 3.0 minutes.  
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