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At Waste 2 Energy Solutions, Inc, we first provides the conceptual design of utilizing "waste" into a valuable commodity, by converting the be it synthetic gas (syngas) or
electrical power, Once a comparison model is made to determine the best use of the feedstock (the waste) we provide the engineering to quickly assess the best
configuration of equipment. Even though each operation is unique, our method of configuring systems is  how reduce costs substantially.

With our simple basic questionnaire we can determine if a project is sustainable and profitable very quickly.

Sales verses joint venture

Waste 2 Energy Solutions, Inc., offers different options in transforming your waste into a valuable commodities.

1) We can provide direct sales and engineering for your system

2) We can arrange with your organization a joint venture (JV) on the project.


Whether sale or JV, W2ES will provide continuous technical and operational support for your organization and equipment.