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CO2 Free Steam Generator
True Green Technology
Works with Steam or Steamer
Low Pressure of 10bar
Small Foot Print - 3m x 2m
CO2 Free - Energy Power Plant
3.1 MW/h Constant Production
       of Electricity

֍ The Steam Generator is a German Patent from 2009 and at sale in Europe since 2010.
֍ Low heat concept works in a range where conventional turbines not even start to produce electricity.
֍ The Generator works on a constant 1,500rpm
֍ Constant electric supply of 3.1Mw/H 24/7
֍ 15 minute service every 2000 hours    
֍ 24hr management provided
֍ Noise & pollution free green technology approved by CA & Fed
֍ Configuration: Waste steam or steam generator system.
The CO2 Free Energy Power Plant is designed to be a stand-alone system where large energy user can save on electricity cost.
Typically, our system is less expensive than "Grid-Power" which saves our clients thousands in energy cost at a fixed rate.

So go ahead and leave the lights on, fore it wont cost you a penny more with zero emissions at the same time. Plus there is no out of pocket expense to you.