Turning Waste into Energy, Pure Water...
The PCS Solution

The PCS is the centerpiece of the integrated processing facility model that is intended to be networked in a grid-like fashion throughout populated regions as well as
stand-alone models for individual use. It can be configured to be mobile as well as stationary.

All waste is safely and effectively destroyed by this process, no matter how hazardous, toxic or lethal they may be. It is not
enough to destroy hazardous waste; hazardous waste must be destroyed irreversibly. We produce machines that process
"materials previously regarded as wastes," because once those materials enter the
PCS, they are no longer wastes...they
are known as "
feedstocks." The system turns those material feedstocks into safe, valuable products such as Plasma
Converted Gas (
PCG), obsidian-like silicates and recyclable metals.
Creating Commodities from Previously Unusable Resources

Of all the compounds that exist in nature, the most important to humankind as a source of chemical energy
are those containing
carbon. Life as we know it would be impossible without it. All the traditional fuels (e.g.
coal, oil and gas) are products of once-living things and the by-products of plants and animals.

This is the primary storehouse of chemical energy that has been produced by the radiant energy of the sun.

Our process converts the chemical energy into various valuable commodities.
Plasma Converter
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