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ULTRAPro's Series contains:

• NO Pesticides,
• NO Herbicides,
• NO Harmful Chemicals   
• NO GMO’s
• NO Harsh Odor
• NO Environmental Hazards
• Only The Highest Quality All
Natural Organic Ingredients
ULTRAPro's Series will:

 Increase Yields From 15% to 100%+
•  Reduce Watering By As Much As 40%
•  Improve & Maintains Soil & Plant Health
•  Increase Roots, Shoots & Fruits
•  Increase Natural Flavor &Taste
•  Provide Long Term Fixed Pricing
•  Mix With Your Current Regiment
•  Customizable To Meet Your Needs
•  Major Reduction in Chemical Fertilizer
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Maintaining the essentials of living soil takes a
variety of inputs to feed the microbes that are turning
over nutrients for the plants. Similar to worm casting
the micro-algae dies off as it reproduces in the soil
that creates a variety of key nutrients to the plant and
the other microbes. Some of these plant/non-plant
nutrients range from NPK, trace minerals, vitamins,
carbon, polysaccharides, and other key elements
required  based on the given crop. An additional
benefit to applying the micro-algae is the carbon
sequestration, for those concerned with organic
farming… climate change this is an added bonus to
the abilities of
ULTRAPro. With the sequestration of
carbon at
2 grams of carbon for every 1 gram of
micro-algae allows for less water to be applied over
time to the soil.
Sustainable Regenerative Farming
and Growing Solutions
A Natural Feeding Process For Plants
Available in various sizes:

32 OZ
1 Gallon
5 Gallon Pails
55 Gallon Drums
Results will vary. Non-Warranty: Maker
accepts no liability for damages or injury
resulting from misuse or mishandling of this
product and is not responsible for effects,
whether or not thought to be used correctly.  
It's Beyond
AGGI Liquid Compost is formulated for general commercial farming. AGGI can be customized for
your particular nutritional needs [500 gallon minimum]. (
Profile Form)
"Organic Living Liquid Micro-Algae Fertilizer"
Delivering the nutrients
directly to the root, in an
environmentally friendly
ULTRAPro All Purpose is formulated for home garden applications, all vegetables, trees and
shrubs, lawns, flowers, most other plants.
Attention Commercial Farmers

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ULTRAPRo is available internationally.
Are You Really What You Eat?
The demand for organic food has become so paramount to the consumers, farmers
cannot produce enough to meet the demand. With over $43 billion in organic food
sales last year, the higher quality nutrition and the added health benefits found within
organic foods has prompted individuals, families and businesses towards buying
healthier organic food.
Soil Nutrient
Real. Powerful. Science.
Sustainable Regenerative Farming
and Growing Solutions
It's Beyond
"Organic Living Liquid Fertilizer"
Delivering the nutrients
directly to the root, in an
environmentally friendly
Nitrogen _________________
Phosphorus ______________
Potassium _______________  
Boron ___________________
Calcium _________________  
Copper _________________
Iron ____________________
Magnesium ______________     
Manganese ______________     
Ortho Phosphorus _________
Sulfate __________________
Zinc ____________________

Other Foods & Contents:
Total Microalgae (cells/ml) ____ 4 million
Other (Supemate & Water) ___  98.00%
Contains Non-Plant Food Ingredients.  
Guaranteed Analysis:
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ULTRAPro Works?

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Developed in cooperation with various
national labs, universities and various local
farmers to be compatible with recognized
sustainable organic farming techniques.
ULTRAPro is "Carbon Negative"
Better than my #2.
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Scientifically Designed
To Provide Nutrients
Directly to the Root,
in a New Sustainable
Regenerative Process.
Nothing else compares to ULTRAPro.
Major Reduction in Chemical Use:
In most cases ULTRAPro is all that is
Cluck Yeah!
Now with even more microbes
Soil Nutrient
Food is only as
healthy as the soil it
is grown in.
Works with virtually all
types of irrigation

Reduce fertilizer by 50% with
Organic Living Microbes
Organic Living Microbes
GrowPro is an award-winning blend of
microorganisms used to increased production
resulting in higher quality, higher yielding
crops, plants, trees, turf, while significantly
reducing the need for over fertilizing, that what
normally happens when the soil becomes
depleted of natural microorganisms.
in the united States and over 40 countries

GrowPro rehabilitates the soil,
making the soil healthier and is highly
compatible with sustainable, organic farming
GrowPro brings the best out of
the nutrients that are available delivering the
ultimate in taste, flavor and nutrition in all your
GrowPro is also excellent for large
areas such as sports stadiums and golf
courses. Once you see the results
produces you will add
GrowPro for all your
feeding regiments.
GrowPro has demonstrated the ability to bioremediate
many soil contaminants. The microorganisms contained in
the product are capable of using chemical contaminants
as a metabolic energy source, rendering many
contaminants harmless or less toxic. Our product can
help overcome the dependency on expensive organically
based fertilizers while maximizing crop production. Over
fertilization destroys the health of the soil, damaging its
ability to hold water, and encourages the run-off of
nutrient rich top soil and applied fertilizers. Even organic
fertilizers, like chicken litter, are prone to wash off in
heavy rains and can negatively impact the environment.
GrowPro has demonstrated the ability to significantly
reduce a standard fertilizer program from 15 to 60%,
depending on the crop, soil condition and farm
management program, while still achieving maximum crop
yields. In many trials involving forage grasses, fertilizer
rates have been
reduced 80–100 percent, often with
better results than 100
% fertilizer.
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