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The problems are obvious and now so is the solution. Waste to Energy technology.

Never has been transforming what was once considered "wasted resources" made so profitable, so productive and so environmentally friendly.

What once was burned in a convention method by incineration or just dumped in landfills can now be converted in valuable commodities, such as synthetic gas, electrical

energy, potable water, charcoal (carbon), aggregate ( which has various industrial uses) and other commodities depending upon the waste or "feedstock" processed.

This process of transformation is done with a
zero emission output in a closed loop system that meets or exceeds the USA EPA requirements.

While all this is being done we are also
reducing the physical waste by a ratio 300:1 which is far better for the environment and most importantly the bottom line.

The return on investment (ROI) is the lowest in the industry to date. Solar and wind are not even close, sometimes taking over decade to recoup the investment.

And depending on the size of the project, all of the equipment needed to accomplished this requires a footprint well under 2000 square feet excluding the feedstock, of

Below is a partial list of the industries that have untaped valuable resources.

We at
W2ES can show your business or municipality on how to capitalize on your waste that is going to waste.