Vertical Farming
A Solution for Agriculture of Today
Increasing the Local Food Supply
City by City

Fresh Produce Locally Grown
So,What’s Wrong With Conventional Farming?
The Top Reasons Why Conventional Farming is Failing:
10. Food Supply Interruption and Econominics –  With the current restaurant and hotel closures and
reduction in tourism and travel thus causing agricultural products are going to waste because of lack of demand,
not supply

9. Conventional Farming Production – Conventional farming production has been diminishing every year for
decades. Most farmers are not organic and the ones that are still lack the full potential of the nutritional and  

8. Vanishing Farming Land – Millions of acres per year are lost just in the USA for various reasons from over
developing to soil depletion.

7. Delivery Time and Cost  – Vegetables loss nutrition in transit and every mile cost money. Many products are
also imported during the off-season, which have to be transported 1,000’s of miles to reach your grocery store.

6. Soil Depletion – Because the soil is depleted from years of growing most of the nutrients and microbes in the
soil are gone. Conventional farmers must physically inject nutrients into the soil.
This practice causes leaching and water pollution.

5. Toxic Pesticides, Fungicides and Chemicals – Current conventional farming require massive amounts of
pesticides, fungicides and other man made chemicals to get the maximum yield form their crop.    

4. Water Usage – Conventional farming uses 60-70% of potable drinkable water. Dry farmers depend upon
Mother Nature to water their crops. No rain they lose their crops. Too much rain they lose their crops.

3. Limited Crop Yielding – Conventional farming usually is limited to 1 or 2 harvests per year.

2. Overall Food Shortages
Increased local and global population is increasing – An extra 2.3 Billion mouths to feed by 2050 – that is less
then 30 years away!

1. Grand Solar Minimum, Climate Change, Political Influences – The Earth’s weather is changing. The
majority of the changes are natural and circular. Conventional farmers are forced to farm where their land is and
as the Earth shifts, so does where they can farm, where we can farm  
The Top Reasons Why Vertical Farming is a better Solution:  
Why Indoor Vertical Farming?
Plants require only 3 basic needs to grow healthy and nutritious:

              1) Light – for photosynthesis (Only
Red and Blue light required)
              2) Nutrients – for health and growth
              3) Pollination – allowing plants to produce seeds
1. Controlled Environment  –  Indoor growing is not effected by the outside weather … hot or cold… rain or
shine… production can be better assured!
In fact, the climate can be controlled to reproduce the perfect climate for the given crop.  

2. No Need for Pesticides  – Because the crop isn’t exposed to the outside there is no need for dangerous and
expensive pesticides and other chemicals…

3. Perfect Organic Nutrients  – The precise nutrients can be applied for maximum growth, flavor and health…
By incorporating fish farming to the basket of goodies the required nutrients can be internally produced while
producing additional income from mature fish.

4. Grown Close to the Consumer  –  Produce can be grown in the heart of a city or near major roadways
making delivery simple and cost effective…

5. Higher Quality  –  Produce can be grown to the highest quality and more efficiently…

6. Higher Profits  –  The highest quality and the most nutritious produce can be achieved and more efficiently
and safely …

7. Lower Water Usage  –  Indoor farming requires 90-95% less water than conventional outside farming and the
same water can be reused  …

8. Technology  –  NASA and years of trial and error has significantly increased the yield and efficiency of indoor
farming… …

9. Year Round Production  –  Indoor farming can be grown all year…

10. Higher Yield Per Square Foot  – 1 acre (43,560 sq. ft.) of vertical farming is equivalent to approximately 10
acres of flat farmland.   

11. LED Technology Improvements – Over the past few years LED lighting technology has improved efficiency
and performance making indoor vertical farming extremely viable and profitable.    

12. Environmental Friendly – Vertical farming has become the solution…
We are a group of like-minded people, including scientists  engineers, inventors, innovators and investors who
understand that for a better life that technology, science, truth and common sense is the solution for our
prosperous future, health and continuous food availability.

We have a number of new and existing innovations to increase the efficiency and profitability of indoor vertical
Our mission is to start a series of vertical various
“Hydro -  Aqua - Aero- ponic”  farms to help offset
the vanishing healthy produce in cities across the
USA and around the world.
We can convert any building into an
indoor farm.

With each location we will also hire
long-term employees.

When possible we can also work on an
exchange for product for product service
in these uncertain times.
The Grand Solar Minimum is here for the next few
years, perhaps decades which effect the future of
the weather and ultimately crop performance.

Agricultural locations will shift, not might or
could, will.

In the next few years field crop production is
expected to decrease by 50-60%.

Locus are destroying millions of pounds of crops
in Africa and Asia. South America and the entire
planet are facing the same issues as North

The Grand Solar Minimum has happened before in
our human history.

This is a global issue.
Not a local issue.

Help us to insure that there are healthy
vegetables available, for everyone.
Yes, it is a large undertaking, though now is the
time to prepare.

When aiming for a target, you don’t aim were it is,
you aim ahead to were it is going, if your goal is to
hit the target.

We often take our food for granted. We have
become accustom to having the grocery store
and restaurant to have the food we want.  

The past few months have proven how sensitive
our food supply really is.

It is up to us to prepare, for what might happen

We will also offer other services including a
Buyer’s Club, a Loyalty Program and discounts at
groceries stores and other products and services.