Acquiring organic energy from trees!
Is it possible?

Trees are nature's solar cells ...

Trees and plants have been
converting solar rays into energy
long before the solar cell was thought
William P. Lear (Bill) - a self-educated engineer and inventor
who is most famous for the
Lear Jet and the 8 Track player,
who  also formed the
Motorola Corporation, Lear corporation
and Learjet though his first success was inventing the car radio.

He spent much of the remaining of his life on developing a
steam engine for cars and buses which he never completed.
All of these inventions we take for granted today, though at the time they were revolutionary.

In the back of our minds we were saying it's about time!!!
Less than 20 years ago there was no such thing as a smartphone which today billions are used around the globe. Our
smartphone has more computing power then the computers who helped land us on the moon just 51 years ago. NASA
was using a slide rule to make calculations.
Today, we have self-driven electric cars, wireless high speed Internet and wall size LCD televisions.
NOW, It's about time that we have the next phase in electricity production?

Wikipedia says:

'Quantum technologies are often described as the 'second quantum revolution' or 'quantum 2.0'. These are generally
regarded as a class of device that actively create, manipulate and read out quantum states of matter, often using the
quantum effects of superposition and entanglement."
Accessing energy from natures own solar farm is no longer a crazy idea. It is a Quantum Reality.
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Howard Hughes was best known for being a recluse though he was really was an innovator and businessman. He was of
the very first billionaires. Very few believed that his Spruce Goose could fly and he proved them wrong.
Now, we can go from old technology to new technology.

Each living cell produces about .07 volts.

The human body itself has about 50 TRILLION cells.

So, just the human body produces about 3,500,000,000
(3.5 trillion) total volts.

Imagine the impact that a technology will have
on the environment that allow us to capture
energy directly from nature.
This is not our first rodeo.