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August 29, 2017

Organic Micro Green, Corporation (OMG) New;

We began distribution of our new series of products Ultrapro and
Genesis Series.

Both product lines are based upon our unique living micro-algae
though each formulated differently.

Both Ultrapro and Genesis products lines are in process of being
registered "organic" with OMRI and will meet or exceed the
requirements for being organic.

Both product lines are in fact "Beyond" standard organic practices.

The micro-algae was first discovered in the high desert mountains in
New Mexico.

And as with many great discoveries it was first though to be used as an
alternative bio fuel.
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Soil Nutrient
Through further investigation it was discovered that this particular
strain of micro-algae had the ability to store large amounts of
nutrients and was in fact quote resilient having the ability to
survive in the harshest conditions.

Unlike other nutrients, the micro-algae continues to grow and
multiple in the soil simulating that of worm castings,
decompressing the soil, allowing the roots to more easily retrieve
the available nutrients already in the soil and being held by the

Using Ultrapro or Genesis micro-algae is like having an army of
soldiers delivering the nutrients directly to the root ecosystem
unlike anything else.
Other nutrients have to be found by the root system, exerting
energy and wasting time searching for those nutrients. With
our micro-algae, having a natural symbiotic relationship with
the root system, the root is directly delivered the nutrients
they are in need without the added effort, causing the plant
the maximum growth potential in the shortest possible time.

This natural process has many beneficial effects on the plant
improving the soil and plant overall health.

This effect causes the fruits and vegetables to have better
taste and natural flavor over even other organic fertilizers.
Role of Algae in Agriculture
By Priyanka Mittal; Updated April 25, 2017

Algae are a large and diverse group of lower plants, including
distantly related groups of micro-organisms that can perform
photosynthesis, in which they capture energy from sunlight. Algae
range from large complex marine forms called seaweed to minute
unicellular picoplankton. Algae growth is often viewed as a
problem, as it grows within backyard swimming pools and in-home
fish tanks. On the other hand, algae play an important role in
agriculture where they are used as biofertilizer and soil stabilizers.