Food is only as
healthy as the soil it
is grown in.
Works with all types of
commercial irrigation
and applications
Commercial Farming
GrowPro contains:

• NO Pesticides,
• NO Herbicides,
• NO Harmful Chemicals   
• NO GMO’s
• NO Harsh Odor
• NO Environmental Hazards
• Only The Highest Quality All
Natural Organic Ingredients

Using GrowPro allows for a Major Reduction
in Chemical Use:
In some cases GrowPro is all that is needed
to maximize yield, flavor and growth.
Organic Living Microbes
Better than my #2.
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GrowPro is an affordable solution to soil that is showing signs of poor performance.
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GrowPRo is available internationally.
A Natural Feeding Process For Plants
Maintaining the essentials of living soil takes a
variety of inputs to feed the microbes that are
turning over nutrients for the plants. By adding
GrowPro to the soil it creates a variety of key
nutrients to the plant and the other microbes. Some
of these plant/non-plant nutrients range from NPK,
trace minerals, vitamins, carbon, polysaccharides,
and other key elements required based on the
given crop. An additional benefit to applying the
GrowPro is the the reduction in fertilizer whether
synthetic or organic.  

GrowPro is proven to increase water retention in
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Grown with GrowPro
GrowPros with SumaGrow Inside® is our branded
product developed specifically for farmers.  It yields high
quality crops and grasses with less irrigation, reduced
inputs and at competitive, stable pricing. Our award
winning formulations are designed for use on a broad
spectrum of crops in diverse climates and varied soil
types and conditions to achieve optimal crop