The superiority of the PCS's environmental performance is an important market driver. Using the EPA's recent suggestion for a nationwide dioxin standard as an example,
plasma proves its environmental value. It achieves remediation levels that are thousands of times safer than this anticipated standard. Rigorous scientific testing by
outside labs has proven that
the PCS's performance is far safer than U.S. and Canadian environmental standards, by orders of magnitude. The PCS will allow the
promulgation of new standards for a cleaner and safer environment and for the improvement of the public health and safety.

Full-Circle Processing
CAR2 E desires to acquire a closed-loop elemental recycling system that safely destroys wastes and produces commodity products. The system achieves this without
producing harmful, noxious or dangerous by-products, effluents or emissions.

The materials fed into the
PCS are in actuality feed stocks, once regarded as wastes. The system makes it possible for the waste generator to eliminate the discharge or
shipment of hazardous wastes out of their facility.

PCS eliminates the need to go through and into the community, and ultimately to landfills and incinerators. The waste generator will have the ability to remediate the
hazardous waste on site, and not pass it into someone else's hands. Additionally, the waste generator will also realize a significant cost saving/profit.
Superior Environmental Performance
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