The Challenge
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The Challenges

In the past, the disposal of waste was mostly dealt with by sweeping everything under the rug by trucking the waste to one location or the other.  

Landfills have reach their capacity and new landfills are having to be established which only prolongs the problem. Because  now municipal solid waste (MSW) has to be
shipped further and further away to new landfills. Which increase cost by 10%, or more.

The challenge for low-cost energy and clean, fresh water is in high demand along with a growing population thus increasing the amounts of consumer and toxic waste have
become paramount amongst   governments, industry and population in general.

At Waste 2 Energy Solutions we take the latest in the scientific approach to waste management by transforming waste in to valuable commodities such as syngas,
electricity, clean potable water and industrial aggregates while reducing the volume by 300:1.
Used Tires
Industrial Waste
Agricultural Waste
Bio- Hazard
Oil Sludge