Production of water from the air

With the application of the Atmosphere Water Generator (AWG), water is produced from a hitherto unused resource; the air. In order to conceptualize this, it is important
to consider that the humidity in the air contains 10 times more water than all rivers of the World put together and that this water is distributed widely across all regions.

The basic technology used for the AWG originally came from the mining sector and utilizes the humidity borne in the air to produce drinking water by means of
condensation. While the machines used in the mining sector were primarily designed for cooling down the air, the resulting condensation produced water as a by-product.
This same technology has been transformed by the technology in such a manner as to be able to produce drinking water. The machines employed draw in huge volumes
of air, cool it down to the dew point and collect the resulting condensed water, which is then filtered and mineralized. Through this process, pure drinking water is obtained
and that meets the quality standards of the WHO. In regions with high temperatures and high humidity levels, a single machine can generate up to 10,000 gallons of water
per day, thus potentially providing the water supply for entire villages.

The machines employed suck in large volumes of air, cool it down to dew point and collect the resulting condensation water, which is then filtered and mineralized.

Mode of operation

The water production process:

  •    Utilization of the atmosphere as a water reservoir

  •    Production of water through the use of highly-effective refrigeration technology to condensate the humidity in the air.

  •    Treatment of the water produced with the application of water recycling technology

Further potential uses of the process:

  •    Utilization of the heat generated from the operation of this system to provide electricity

  •    Utilization of the cooled air produced by the system for air-conditioning of interior rooms and/or buildings

A single machine can generate up to 10,000 gallons of water per day, thus providing  the water supply for entire villages.

The ability to produce water from the air is of benefit wherever drinking water is in short supply. Potential benefactors are therefore primarily the following:

  •    Governments of countries with a limited supply of water

  •    Humanitarian organizations

  •    Armed forces, on mobile assignments

  •    Hotels in areas limited in a supply of water

  •    Construction industry; to provide an autonomous water supply for housing projects and/or industrial parks

  •    Farms

Uses and Benefits

The Planet One Solutions allows water to be produced at any location in the World. It is independent of stationary water resources. The economic benefit is enhanced by
the fact that cold air generated in the condensation process can be used for the air-conditioning of buildings. On account of its decentralized manner of producing water,
diseases borne by existing water sources cannot contaminate the water produced and therefore are unable to spread. The process has the advantage of having no
negative impact on the environment. There is no need to transport and store water at great expense as the water is produced when and where it is needed.
Atmosphere Water Generator (AWG)
The water production process
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