Aqua-mission is a unique humidity extraction system that is based on a long-proven air
conditioning technology applied to underground mining operations. The basic idea was inspired
from air-conditioning facilities used in coal mines, where large quantities of hot air had to be
cooled down to improve working conditions. On the one hand, the machines used in mining
operations needed to be: compact; durable; very mobile; and, easy to handle. On the other hand,
it had to provide enough cooling power to cool down coal mines of enormous size. This exceptional
performance was achieved in the design of a highly efficient heat exchanger known as "the spiral
heat exchanger" and which offers a huge water extraction potential. As such, the spiral heat
exchanger became the core of aqua-mission.

Characteristics of aqua-mission

Aqua-mission is very effective, compact, and mobile. It can be adapted to any situation and
produces water from humidity wherever it is needed irrespective of the climatic conditions. The
large volumes of air that run through the system ensure the efficient extraction of the water even
at low humidity. Taking into consideration its sheer simplicity, this system can easily be tailored to
meet any size of operation.

Water Quality and Energy

The high grade of quality of the water that is produced in this manner has been ascertained by
several expert studies of its application. Those results have demonstrated its use not to be limited
to only that of producing water of a potable value, but also to health care purposes and/or the
cultivation of sensitive plants. In combination with the aqua-mission technology, the use of
alternative energies offers great possibilities. Supplied with solar power or wind energy, the system
operates without the need to rely on local energy systems.

Know-how and patents

All the above-mentioned technologies concerning water production and treatments are protected
under international patent. Our partners are able to provide all the necessary production facilities
and manufacturing know-how.
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