Why Use Algae?
In the past few years the cost of Nitrogen Soil Amendments (what many refer to as “fertilizer”) lost valuable topsoil and arable land due
to drought and flooding. Food and water demand have soared and thus pricing has skyrocketed. Algae products seem to be a long
awaited answer to impending food shortages do to the lack of nutrient soil.

Currently most soil amendments, herbicides and pesticides are made mostly from petroleum chemicals. As the price of oil went up and
the dollar slides in value the cost of Nitrogen Soil Amendments has reached historic highs.

N. Nitrogen. Atomic number seven. Unnoticed, untasted, it nevertheless fills our stomachs. It is the engine of agriculture, the key to
plenty in our crowded, hungry world. Without this independent-minded element, disinclined to associate with other gases, the machinery
of photosynthesis cannot function—no protein can form, and no plant can grow. Corn, wheat, and rice, the fast-growing crops on which
humanity depends for survival, are among the most nitrogen hungry of all plants. They demand more, in fact, than nature alone can

That Nitrogen Soil Amendment—more than a hundred million tons applied worldwide every year—fuels bountiful harvests. Without it,
human civilization in its current form could not exist. Our planet’s soil simply could not grow enough food to provide all seven billion of
us (and growing) our accustomed diet.

Our Nitrogen fixing algae-based organic soil amendment adds no chemicals to the land, except nutrients. The algae also helps to re-
mediate soil bound up by accumulated Nitrates thus increasing crop yields, and saving upwards of 40% of water. Applied through
“flooding irrigation” or “pivot spraying” Our algae-based soil amendment is available in small or large quantities and can be custom
blended to meet a farmers' need.

Increase Yields From 15% to 100%+

Reduce Watering By As Much As 40%

Improves Plant Health

Increased Root And Plant Mass

Guaranteed Results*
Increases root system up to 30%
Healthier Soil
Breeds Higher
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SupraAlgae was developed in cooperation with major universities, laboratories and various local
farmers to be compatible with recognized organic gardening and production techniques.

Algae is the oldest and fastest growing organism on this planet. It is the essence of life and
works symbolically with terrestrial plants. It’s effect on the soil combined with bacteria and fungi
substantially increases the amount of nutrients available to the root system allowing improved
feeding. It does this at a lower cost and while out preforming both petrochemical and organic
fertilizers and produces healthy nutrient rich soil which results in healthier plants, healthier soil,
cleaner water and higher profits.

SupraAlgae's Contains;
NO Pesticides
NO Herbicides
NO Toxins
NO Odor - No Bad Smell To Bring Home
NO Environmental Hazards  
How it works
SupraAlgae Multifunction Plant Nutrient & Soil Amendment is an organic mixture that
consists of live fresh water algae along with specific microbial supplements added which are
designed to regenerate depleted soils and maintain existing healthy organic soils .

SupraAlgae comes to you as a concentrated liquid that you dilute as per instructed, to
chemically free water, before being applied to the soil.

Once applied to the soil, it penetrates and continues to multiply for a period of time. The algae
decompresses the soil strata and helps to create aggregates which trap water and promote
microbial growth which is essential for healthy soil. The longer
SupraAlgae is used the deeper
It penetrates and remains in the soil. So the more you use
SupraAlgae, the less you need over
time unlike synthetic and other fertilizers.  

Just like rooted plants, algae are photosynthetic and because they have no roots to dissimulate
the carbon, therefore, they are forced to store large amounts of carbon within themselves. As
they mature and decompose the carbon is released into the soil which becomes bio-available to
the soil and to the plant. Making it easier for the plant to get the nutrients it needs to grow and
thrive as nature intended.

SupraAlgae is grown with an organic nutrient which is very high in nitrogen, phosphorous
and potassium. This means that the organic matter that decomposes also makes available those
nutrients to the soil plant cycle.

SupraAlgae Multifunction Plant Nutrient &Soil Amendment is safely applied multiple times
from clone to harvest.
5 Gallon Bucket
315 Gallon Bag-In-Tote
Patented Photo-Bioctic Reactor (PBR)
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Because of SupraAlgae's patented process, we can offer long-term fixed pricing for up to 5
years, assuring your fixed costs for soil maintenance is guaranteed for years to come.

Cut Cost: No New Equipment To Purchase
Use your existing irrigation system or fertilizer distribution system
Individual results will vary.
Packaging will vary.
Not all products may be OMRI registered.
Are You Really What You Eat?

The demand for organic food has become so paramount to the consumers, farmers
cannot produce enough to meet the demand. With over $43 billion in organic food
sales last year, the higher quality nutrition and the added health benefits found within
organic foods has prompted individuals, families and businesses towards buying
healthier organic food.

Costco is selling so much organic produce, farmers can’t keep up with the demand.
Costco CEO Craig Jelinek was quoted as saying, “We cannot get enough organics
to stay in business day in and day out.” Costco isn't the only company having trouble
getting enough organic food, Kellogg’s and General Mills and others are paying
armers to switch to organic too.

Omega-3 oils, just one of nutrients which are lacking in our foods grown with depleted soil. Moreover, high-energy agriculture is a major
contributor to global warming…reliance on synthetic fertilizers has increased the release of nitros oxide, a potent global warming gas.
A lack of nutrients is also known to lead to heart disease, cancers, mental disorders such as ADD, Alzheimer's disease, premature aging,
obesity and other health issues. Most of these conditions use to be rare and mostly associated with the elderly.

Synthetic fertilizers also kills a soil's naturally-occurring microorganisms which play a major role in healthy soil. Healthy soil improves the
natural immune system of plants, lowers plant disease, resists parasitic insects, and creates the ideal conditions for growth.

Most organic fertilizers are manure from cows, horses, poultry, pigs, sheep and even bats and fish. The problem with manure is that the
animals can only make it nutrient-rich, if their food source is also nutrient rich. Because of this, grass-eating animals raised on depleted
soil will likewise produce inferior manure. In order to have a higher level organic foods including meats, milk and eggs, the animal too must
eat organic foods high in nutrients.

"The alarming fact is that foods -- fruits and vegetables and grains -- now being raised on millions of acres of land that no longer contains
enough of certain needed minerals, are starving us -- no matter how much of them we eat!

"Laboratory tests prove that the fruits, the vegetables, the grains, the eggs and even the milk and the meats of today are not what they
were a few generations ago. No man of today can eat enough fruits and vegetables to supply his system with the mineral salts he requires
for perfect health, because his stomach isn't big enough to hold them…" {mineral salts help make the necessary amino acids so vital to a
good immune system}.

What ought to be more alarming is that was written back in 1936 by U.S. Senator Duncan Fletcher, Florida (D),3
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