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Organic Micro Green, Corporation is the manufacturer of a micro-algae based product
line, ULTRAPro Series, designed for general agriculture and Genesis Grow and Bloom,
formulated specifically for high demand plants.

Micro-algae is a living organism that performs multiple tasks between the existing
organism within the soil and works symbolically with the plant itself.  

How did Organic Micro Green, Corporation came to be?

The Discovery

Sometimes, ground breaking discoveries, as in the case with the OMG’s ULTRAPro and
Genesis product line, comes from searching for one thing and discovering another. Such
was the case with micro-algae. It was first thought that it could be used as a bio-fuel,
though the final cost was too high to compete in the open market. Science, timing and
technology has brought, by accident, the first organic sustainable solution for healthy
living soil and plant growth.

Developed in cooperation with renowned national laboratories, universities and various
local farmers to be compatible with recognized production of organic farming techniques.

Hence, the came the discovery of the ULTRAPro and Genesis Series for the ultimate in
healthy soil and plant performance.

Today, the demand organic and non-GMO solutions has reached a pinnacle point within
society and industry. For decades, man-made farming practices has depleted millions of
acres of farmland across the U.S.A. and the globe.

Maintaining the essentials of living soil takes a variety of inputs to feed the microbes that
are turning over nutrients for the plants. Similar to worm casting the micro-algae dies off
as it reproduces in the soil that creates a variety of key nutrients to the plant and the
other microbes. Some of these plant/non-plant nutrients range from NPK, trace minerals,
vitamins, carbon, polysaccharides, and other key elements required based on the given
crop. An additional benefit to applying the micro- algae is the carbon sequestration, for
those concerned with organic farming… climate change this is an added bonus to the
abilities of ULTRAPro. With the sequestration of carbon at 2 grams of carbon for every 1
gram of micro-algae allows for less water to be applied over time to the soil.
Organic Micro Green Corporation was started by a group of scientists and engineers who
wanted to bring the discovery of the benefits of using micro-algae to the world.